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Muddy lawn nightmare

How installing an artificial lawn can conquer your muddy lawn nightmares

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At this time of year one thing you don’t need to deal with is muddy foot and paw prints being trailed into the house.  Natural grass lawns can be a big problem during the wet, cold winter months as the grass doesn’t recover from use, snow coverage and down pours of rain, leaving a muddy mess rather than a lush green lawn.  Artificial grass is the perfect solution.  Not only does it look fantastic all year round, but it dries out really quickly which means it can be used 12 months of the year.

Before and after muddy mess to lush green lawn

Eternal Lawns install a hard core base with a granite blinding layer, both of which have excellent drainage properties so any rain fall is quickly dispersed.  So no more bored children looking longingly out of the window. They can play outside, benefitting from fresh air getting exercise all year round.